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With her previously shared delights “Bed” and “Kiss You” finding support from BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and BBC Introducing earlier this year, “awkward pop” pioneer Belot returns once again to deliver the first single on her new home at Submarine Cat Records (UK) and Neon Gold (US), “Harmless Fun”.

Continuing the same rich and vibrant alt-pop direction she has curated for herself so far, “Harmless Fun” offers up more of that bold and glossy aesthetic we love her for. Channeling an almost Prince-like aura through its bouncing production and glittering guitar hooks, her newest effort signals the beginning of a new era for Belot, reemerging as a stronger and more carefree artist at the helm.

Speaking about the new release, she said, "Harmless fun came about during the first lockdown in the UK. I found myself binge-watching Modern Family, and it led me to this idea. The concept was essential: What if the Dad character Phil Dunphy turned up to a conference thinking it was going to be a very legitimate and educational work conference and then all of a sudden he sees a whole bunch of businessmen absolutely hammered. He swiftly realizes this is an adult version of spring break. The song is about giving in to the lighter side of life, and not being afraid to let your hair down. After all, that’s what life is about, having fun!"

Belot is a 21-year-old songwriter based in London, who is about to unleash her own distinct brand of cheeky, honest, vulnerable pop music onto planet earth.

Brought up in North London, living with her Mum and older brother, she was surrounded by music from a young age with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, The Beach Boys, and Al Green being regularly played in the house. She’s always naturally gravitated to music and would write songs in the bath as early as she can remember.

By the age of 8, she was teaching herself guitar in a quest to put her bath time warblings into some sort of construct. Aged 12 Belot had progressed to a laptop and recording, using Logic. Music was clearly the place she felt she could best express her emotions.

She fluked her way into the Brit School at the age of 14 and throughout her time there she started to formulate her own vision of the sort of music she wanted to make and how she wanted to be perceived as an artist.

Her musical journey continued – soaking up music of The Strokes, Phoenix, Andy Shauf, Flume, Alt J, Metronomy, early Kanye West, and the aggressive dubstep of Kill The Noise.

Belot released her debut EP, ‘Electric Blue’ in the first half of 2020 just as the pandemic was beginning. Millions of streams across multiple platforms followed while Radio 1’s Jack Saunders was a fan. Early adopters included Wonderland and The Line Of Best Fit, but this resolutely down-to-earth personality isn’t about to get caught up in the hype. Her new EP is set to be a special moment.

“I love pop. Always have! And I’m not afraid to say it,” she exclaims. “I think for me, a pop song is something that is going to be so catchy it hurts. I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night and it’ll still be stuck in my head.”

From here on in, at the quietest moments of the day and night, Belot is set to be your companion, shaking up your life and providing something unique, and truly addictive.

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