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Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist Kia Renee is Unbothered!

"Unbothered" is the new single featuring Kia Renee on Samuel Archer's Soul Music Vineyard project. The single is presently available exclusively on, soon to be available on Amazon, iTunes, and other digital downloading platforms.

Kia Renee is a blossoming gem that's rising and is causing a significant stir in the record pools and the Soul/R&B charts with this new single. Her vibe is credited to Brandy, Gnarls Barkley, Lady Gaga, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Fefe Dobson.

Not a stranger to the world of songwriting for major artists in the music industry, in 2014 with "Avalanche" by Brielle. The pop single maintained the #5 position on the Billboard Hot Single Sales chart for six consecutive weeks.

We at Muzilog Woman (MW) had a moment to spend with Kia Renee and ask her a few questions. Would you please take a moment and check out our interview with Kia Renee?

MW) Hi Kia Renee, how are you doing today?

Kia Renee) I'm blessed, and I hope you are blessed too!

MW) Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Before we get into the meat of our chat, please let folks know where you are based and where are you from?

Kia Renee) Awww, thanks for chatting with me today! The pleasure is all mine. I was born and raised in Fresno, CA, and am currently based in Dallas, TX.

MW) So you're a songwriter, singer, and you can rap. You're a triple threat. Out of the three, which one do you love more?

Kia Renee) Ohhh, good question! How did you know I could rap (giving the side-eye with a smirk lol) I love songwriting because it's limitless. Songwriting caters to my mind, heart, and soul. Vocals help me deliver my message to others, but the songwriting is the foundation.

MW) What kicked off your interest to get involved with music, and what hit you over the head to become a recording artist?

Kia Renee) I used to watch my uncles and brothers make beats and write songs growing up. I wanted to be a part of it so bad! Once I got my chance to write and record back in middle school, I loved it and kept writing. After writing for other people, I realized that I might need to sing my songs as well.

MW) Are you from a musical family? And which parent do you credit giving you the gift and skill, Mom, Dad, or both?

Kia Renee) Growing up with my uncles and cousins freestyling and making music was a significant highlight in my childhood. So, of course, I have many talented family members because the love of music comes naturally in us. Shout to Steve iLL, Notyo Avg, Mibbz, Rico Creepo, Dr. Eye, Louie V, Lexo, Syrup, and Love Daniel!

MW) Do you play an instrument?

Kia Renee) If my voice counts as an instrument, then I play it like a fiddle, lol.

MW) Who are some of your influences?

Kia Renee) My main influences are God, my family, and my life experiences.

MW) So, you presently have a new single out called Unbothered. Talk a little about how this song came about.

Kia Renee) I have a song, "Cherry Blossoms," that was produced by Stix Bones. Stix introduced me to Samuel Archer, and I was asked to be a part of Sam's project Soul Music Vineyard. Sam got a great feel for my voice and sent me a track that reminded me of home. I loved it and took the opportunity to break out of my shell.

MW) There is a rumor that you have a hot music video for this new song. Who directed the video, and what was the most fun part? What are some of the hi-lights you can share about this music video?

Kia Renee) This question made my heart smile. Yes, the video is on the way! This was such a fantastic experience, nothing short of a blessing. I'd love to share some BTS pics with you! The video for "Unbothered" was directed by Dr. K.T. Ireland and shot by Quality Visuals. Their ability to execute vision shined through! The best part about this video was that it felt like work because it was a complete family effort. They went above and beyond to see the vision through. Everyone was a team player. The atmosphere was so flowy. A special thank you goes to my Mom, keeping it all together. I couldn't have done it without her.

MW) It's clear that visual presentation for you is essential. What was it like coming up with the treatment and concept?

Kia Renee) I spent a lot of time with Dr. K. T. Ireland talking about the message in "Unbothered." He cared about how I presented myself as a whole and wanted me to look unbothered. I'll give you some exclusive BTS [behind the scenes] photos so you can see what I mean.

Photography by GreatScott!

MW) What would you like music lovers to get from Unbothered?

Kia Renee) I'm a person with a lot of love in my heart, and some people will see that as something they can play on. They want you to tolerate hateful behavior and will go out of their way to make you mad. Those people only have power if you give it to them. I want people to know that leaving a situation without being spiteful or resentful afterward is an option. I don't have to flex on you or do things that scream, "Hey, look at me, I've moved on to something better!" I can go on with my life by simply being me without any insecurities.

MW) Unbothered is part of Samuel Archer's Soul Music Vineyard project. What other songs or songs you'd like to recommend to our readers?

Kia Renee) Ohhhhhh yessss! Terrence Russell, Lasro The King, and Samuel Archer showed some vulnerability on this project. Showing vulnerability as a man is hot ish! Don't let the intranets fool you; women still like a Lil romance! So make sure you give "Into You," "Like I Love You," and "Quality Time" some attention!

MW) What else is next for Kia Renee?

Kia Renee) I'm all smiles right now! I'm tapping into a part of me musically that I haven't given creative freedom to before. I want to make sure this next joint is as bold as I am!

MW) How can folks connect with you online?

Kia Renee) You can find me on IG @kiareneeallday. Ayyyeeeeeee!!!

MW) Thanks again for taking the time out to share with us. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Kia Renee) Thank you so much for these great questions. Be blessed!

Listen to Unbothered here:

For more information on Soul Music Vineyard, visit:

Publicity: Samsdigital.Net

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