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Singer Songwriter, Adi Yacobi Shares Debut Single, "I'm Special"

Singer-songwriter Adi Yacobi has announced her debut video for the single, “I’m Special.”

Feeling the pressure of societal standards on women's appearances, Yacobi takes action by joining the body positivity social movement alongside her role models such as Meghan Trainor, Alicia Keys, Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday, Mindy Kaling, Lizzo and many more. Through her music, Yacobi combines her background in psychology and sociology with powerful lyrics to amplify the message – watch / share the video via YouTube. Yacobi is dedicated to raising awareness for environmental and societal issues, women's rights and gender equality with the goal of echoing a positive change all over the world. She plans to release her debut EP in 2022 challenging controversial topics.

In a world where looks define women, Adi says, “I wrote ‘I’m Special’ to remind and empower every woman around the globe that you are special just the way you are. You don’t need to change your looks and the size of your body just to ‘fit.’ You were born into this world to create a better reality, to lead, to follow your dreams, and to make a change. That change can start only from you by accepting yourself, by embracing yourself and, strengthening the traits that make you unique.”

She adds, “every person is able to create a world of infinite possibilities. The secret is to understand what makes you special, different, and embrace your special traits as your strength to make a difference and make this world a better place. My mission in this world is to help women overcome negative body image and start a journey of self-love and acceptance through my lyrics and music."

In addition, Yacobi’s message also reminds women to thank their bodies, aka their “home” inside and out, for providing life and resilience. Adi says, “reconnect with your body, your instincts, trust what your body tells you. It’s important to be healthy, to eat well, and exercise for a healthy body and soul while always understanding our natural body shape and our physiognomy.”

As a young girl, Adi experienced body shaming and bullying, she was told to eat less at every meal leaving her deep wounds through adulthood but she uses that past pain to educate and advocate for women – in hopes they will overcome societal norms. Adi says, “No matter what the shape of your body and what size the fashion industry labels you, you are a model. People always told me that I’m not thin, that I’m not fat - that I’m “In between”. I know many women who are under the “In between” category. I think that this categorization of women and models as “models” or “Plus Size Models” or “In between” is completely wrong and has a horrible effect on the body image of women. The fashion industry should stop categorizing women just because of the shape of their bodies and start calling all women- “models”, no matter which size. Trust me, women don’t need the help of a label such as “Plus Size” to know the size of their bodies.”

Adi continues, "diversity and inclusion are part of my core values in the art I create and share with you. I see so many talented, charismatic, intelligent, and gorgeous women who have so much to give to this world and they have so many dreams, but since they are disabled, many doors are closed to them. I don’t see their disabilities - I see opportunities. I see what special gifts and wisdom they can share with us if only we give them the chance."

Yacobi would like to send a message to every person and hopes to encourage change. She shares, “I believe in you. I see you. I know you have the strength to overcome all the bad things people told you when you were a child and even now. I know how it feels to be treated as not good enough, people seeing only the size of your body and your looks and I can tell you that you have that innate light inside yourself that makes you unique and special. Please don’t keep that light only to yourself - share it with us - You are Special.”

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