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Joint Global Music collective, MTRSS Announces Collaboration with Ariel Fitz - Patrick

Your Love is the new single released by MTRSS featuring Ariel Fitz Patrick. One part of The Fitz-Patrick Sisters, Ariel, is considered 'next generation,' millennial movers & shakers, playfully described as the 'Montreal's version of the gospel group, 'Mary Mary.' Their captivating performances and top-tier vocal talent elevated these young women on both social media and Montreal's music scene quickly.

This new single is a precursor for what's next to come with Arial. Ariel will soon be debuting her single release as she launches out as a solo act. Her powerful vocals and smooth tone command listeners to take note.

MTRSS is a global conglomeration of artists intent on pushing the creative boundaries of modern music and art. We make music with a crew of artists from all over the world. The project's genesis took place at a Tokyo vinyl bar, where a group of musicians gathered to chat with the bar's owner, Mr. Totori-san, whose name inspired the appellation MTRSS. As they talked and delved into a dazzling music collection, they began discussing the notion of writing and recording analog music imbued with human chemistry. Once the idea took hold, MTRSS became a reality, pulling in members from Oceania, Russia, the Far East, and Scandinavia – eventually landing in California.

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