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FELIN Tests Mortality on New Single, "Funeral" from Heroes and Villains Album Out October 29




“Ever since I was a child I’ve been thinking about the meaning of life. I was the weird quiet kid writing poems and contemplating over the big questions. I still think about those things,” FELIN shared intimately about the song’s meaning. “When you’re young you feel like you’re gonna live forever and that you have all the time in the world to figure things out. But after an incident that rushed me to the ER in an ambulance a couple years ago, I suddenly got a taste of my own mortality, and the way for me to deal with anything life changing is to write about it, so that’s what I did. Funeral is about living life to the fullest, making a difference and enjoying the ride of life that we’re all on, so that when it’s over you’re able to say: I had a good run.”

The 13-track album includes themes of women’s rights, gun violence, social injustice and unfairness in our corrupt system worldwide. Her strong lyrical and musical ideas with visuals are meant to evoke an equally strong reaction. There is dark, and there is light, but the grey area in between is so narrow it can hardly be seen. Referencing inspirations that include Quentin Tarantino and Vivienne Westwood, FELIN jumps off the sound waves to become a 3-dimensional pop icon.


The third single, “Vulture” recognizes abusive patterns aligning with the album's overall general theme. FELIN shares, '"Vulture' was born partially from my own experience in a mentally abusive relationship. You realize that you’re not the crazy one and it’s not your mind that is broken. This person will never change, and will never be able to love. But you will be. And that’s when you break free.”


We live in a world where politics are personal, especially with the album’s second single, “Dear Boys” that was released in March 2021. In discussing the song, FELIN said, “the song ‘Dear Boys; is a letter to today's men as well as future generations. I hope that parents teach their sons that vulnerability is natural and something beautiful for both men and women, so that we can have a future that’s secure for everyone, inclusive and non-judgmental, where prejudices are erased, stereotypes are crushed and everyone's uniqueness will be celebrated instead of being questioned.


In December 2020, FELIN released the title track as the album’s first single,, "Heroes & Villains" while the album was still in the midst of being recorded and written making a bold statement.  FELIN's compelling voice is underscored by a pulsating guitar line that drives the song forward. Despite the name "Heroes & Villains" indicating a black and white world view, the music ventures into the complexity of moral grayness. FELIN shares “'Heroes & Villains’  kind of ties together the whole theme of the album, touching on topics such as women’s rights, gun violence, injustices and the good and evil forces in the world."

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