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Aniya Hart Releases New Single, “Surrender.”

Rising out of Diego Martin, Trinidad, Aniya, born Aniya Carty, was raised by her loving parents Eric and Lucinda in a Christian home.  Growing up in church, she loved participating in concerts and grew to love singing. In her youth, Aniya felt that God wanted her to create music for His glory and honor. That desire remained with her throughout the years.

As she grew, her love for singing flourished in school as she quickly found herself in any available choir. The choir was her main extra-curricular activity in all three stages of her school life, and it allowed her to see the world as she took part in many tours and competitions.


When the time came to choose a career, Aniya coupled her two “loves,” music and children, and decided to study to become a music educator. She obtained her music degree at UWI St. Augustine, where she met Najé Hart, an artist. The two married in 2017 but were quickly separated by death as, later that year, Aniya lost her husband to cancer a month before their daughter Havalah was born. Widowed at 26, Aniya tried her best to be positive for her baby girl, relying on strength from God and the support of her family.

Getting back on her feet, she continued ministering in the church through song and would also play the keyboard for worship.

When the covid pandemic began and places were closed, Aniya found herself home with more free time than she ever had before. During this time, she decided to develop her music, as God had laid on her heart to do, and so, her first single, “Surrender,” was born. Aniya intends to keep surrendering her life to her heavenly Father and encourages everyone to do the same, especially those seeking Him or those in despair. 

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