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Wife’d Up Now What? Podcast discusses Sexless Marriages, Intimacy & ED

The Wife'd Up Podcast, featured on Gown Woman TV, elevates the conversation with a captivating dialogue alongside their distinguished guest, Dr. Tiffanie.

Embarking on the journey of "Wife'd Up, Now What?" – a marriage management podcast tailored for millennial women aspiring to be lifelong partners – hosts Koereyelle and Tekeishia engage in an enlightening discourse, offering a wealth of insights. They share invaluable tips, tricks, tools, and tactics gleaned from their own experiences, aiming to impart the wisdom they wish they had received before stepping into the role of wives.

Covering diverse topics ranging from conflict resolution to communication, cooking, and beyond, this Podcast promises a unique and thought-provoking conversation that transcends the ordinary. Brace for an engaging exploration into the intricacies of married life unlike any other!

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