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What If Mariama Whyte Falls In Love Witchu?

Multi-talented recording artist, Mariama Whyte, returns with her new sultry single, "What If I Fall In Love Witchu." Released on July 14th, 2023, Mariama beautifully showcases her silky voice and smooth lyrical style, conveying hope that her expression of romantic love is welcome and returned.

A Cleveland, OH native, Mariama's new tune has a classic and timeless feel, gaining excitement and attention from fans and R&B/soul radio stations with its infectious soul groove that quickly makes listeners want to sing along, slow dance, snap their fingers, and place it on their favorite soul playlist. Support her new single by purchasing a download, please go to: MARIAMA WHYTE BANDCAMP

"What If I Fall In Love Witchu," will be included on Mariama Whyte's upcoming full-length album, "Hey You It's Me," set to release in the fall of 2023.


Written, produced, and arranged by Mariama Whyte and B Golden

All vocals performed by Mariama Whyte

All instruments performed by B Golden

Mixed and Mastered by B Golden

Photo by McKinley Wiley

Cover Art by Mariama Whyte

To learn more about Mariama Whyte and stay updated, visit:

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