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Singer/Songwriter/Producer Gabriella Raelyn Announces "Peace OR Love" Out 6/30/23

LA-based singer/songwriter/producer GABRIELLA RAELYN, formerly known as Gemini, is premiering her single "Peace OR, Love," due out June 30th. The track reflects her self-coined terms, 'Neon Renaissance' and 'Ret-Romantic,' inspired by royalty-core and 80s vaporwave aesthetics. Through these inspirations, GABRIELLA RAELYN effortlessly blends various genres such as Dream Pop, Synthwave, Darkwave, Alternative R&B, Baroque Pop, and Electro House, drawing influences from The Cure, ABBA, Depeche Mode, Madonna, The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, and MARINA. Her songs have an overarching theme of romanticism and often feature storylines that explore the agony and passion of star-crossed lovers & forbidden love through the lens of dark femininity.

"peace OR Love" is the second installment in Gabriella's 'NEPHELE: ACT I' project, continuing the theme of inner turmoil from her previous single 'wish upon a STAR.' Rather than a battle with herself, we see this time as a fork in the road in which she must choose peace or love. This notion denotes a problematic relationship of some kind–but rather than just looking at it as a strenuous romance between two people, it can also be interpreted as looking at it as a demanding relationship between a person and their passion. Such was the inspiration Gabriella had for writing 'Peace OR Love'; it is a song about her conflicting feelings about her relationship with music. She is presented with two options. She can choose peace, yet she sacrifices her love of music by doing so. On the other hand, if she chooses to love, she is also selecting a very stressful path that anyone chasing a dream can relate to. Gabriella has created a truly unique track by combining another signature ethereal synthpop composition with an experimental reggaeton-style beat.


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