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Shonali Announces Album

Photographer: Jason Campbell
Shonali cover for "Up All Night" | Photographer: Jason Campbell | Used by permission

Following a poignant personal journey, singer-songwriter Shonali announces the release of her latest album, "One Machine At A Time," set to debut on July 26.

Shonali's musical odyssey began as a tribute to her late father, whose encouragement to embrace risk and authenticity echoed in her soul. After a year of introspection, she resolved to share her music anew with the world, igniting a creative fire that led to the inception of her latest project.

Recorded amidst the warmth and camaraderie of her musical roots in Atlanta, Georgia, "One Machine At A Time" is a heartfelt fusion of indie rock, soul, and retro influences spanning the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The album, produced in collaboration with the exceptionally talented Dan Dixon and featuring a lineup of esteemed musicians, captures the essence of Shonali's eclectic musical journey.

Reflecting on her multicultural upbringing and a passion for amplifying underrepresented voices, Shonali infuses her album with profound introspection and social commentary. Through her music, she invites listeners on a soul-stirring voyage that explores themes of love, humanity, and the modern world's obsession with technology.

With tracks seamlessly transitioning across genres, "One Machine At A Time" promises a captivating auditory experience that transcends boundaries. Early previews have drawn praise for its nostalgic yet contemporary sound, with one listener describing it as "a different genre every song."

Accompanying the album is the vibrant and celebratory music video for "Up All Night," directed by the multi-talented Eleanore Pienta. Shot against the backdrop of Wyckoff Windows Studios in Brooklyn, the video captures the infectious energy and camaraderie between Shonali and Eleanore, inviting viewers to join in the jubilant festivities.

As Shonali's musical journey unfolds, "One Machine At A Time" is a testament to the power of connection and self-expression. Through her heartfelt melodies and evocative storytelling, Shonali invites listeners to find solace, joy, and kinship in her music.

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