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SF's Destani's Piece Takes You On A Tranquil Journey With "I See You"

Destani's Piece, the SF Bay Area’s sonic healing project, is back with their much-anticipated third single, “I See You." This calming composition is accompanied by the gentle interplay of piano, harp, and the soulful vocals of Destani Wolf, celebrated for her collaborative work with esteemed creators such as Bobby McFerrin and Cirque Du Soleil. Destani’s Piece also recently collaborated with Producer/Composer Starita on their ambient track “Home”.

“I See you'' invites listeners on a tranquil journey, fostering a meditative experience. The ethereal piano track by Petros Sakelliou harmoniously intertwines with the enchanting harp melodies by Destiny Muhammad which effortlessly captures the emotions of yearning, introspection, empathy, and self-acceptance within the song. Enhanced by the mixing expertise of Greg Papania from SINES. Destani explains: “In year two of covid, my Cirque du Soleil bandmate from Greece Petros Sakelliou, sent me a dreamy yet grounding piano track that moved me to tears as I sang down a stream of consciousness where the lyrics flowed in one take.

Destiny Muhammad, representing Compton claimed by Oakland, then embraced the song with her angelic harp. “I See you” came from a moment of longing and self reflection. An internal place where we truly see the hearts of those we love and a reminder to see our purest selves, timelessly through sound and space.” 

“I See You" serves as a healing endeavor, paving the path for transformative change and inner peace. Its intention is an inclusive and open-hearted space within the community, nurturing a sense of connection and unity. Destani's Piece holds space for their listeners offering a touching experience that hopes to resonate deeply.

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