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Retreat To Spirit: Why Don’t You Have a Mentor?

You may be thinking: I don’t need a mentor! I am the master of my success and do not have the time for mentorship.

Is THIS why you don’t have a mentor?

Or, you may think: I don’t know what I would ask someone or how to create and cultivate a mentor relationship.

Is THIS why you don’t have a mentor?

Whatever the reason, understand that everyone has experienced times when we need to lean on someone, ask someone for advice, or be assisted with a decision. This help may have come from an athletic coach, a professor, a family member, or a friend. They helped to guide your current situation as it pertains to your future endeavors. Guess what? This person was a mentor - an essential part of your personal and professional life.

Simply put, a mentor has knowledge, expertise, and experience in the desired field. Specifically for the space of yoga and wellness, mentorship can help grow and expand your current services and offerings through self-discovery and focus on your chosen niche and community.

In addition and of equal importance – mentorship is suitable for leadership. As we rise out of the COVID ashes to new ways of doing business, Amina and I have leaned into the ideal of compassionate leadership, a leadership style that encompasses the tenets of yoga, mindfulness, and presence.

To be sure, we know that no one person holds all the cards for your success; that would be you. A mentorship program can help with creating a space of empowerment while providing tangible tools and education to prosper and flourish. Additionally, we learn so much from our mentees! “A transformational mentorship is a relationship that offers something powerful to both the mentee and the mentor” (

We offer a unique group mentoring initiative that uses soul care and yogic principles, empowering you to examine challenges and opportunities from the inside out.

Join us in January 2023 for our next mentoring cohort.

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