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Retreat To Spirit: Soul Care - Why We Need It

Soul Care: Why We Need It

What is the meaning of soul care?

Soul care is the daily process of cultivating healthy thought patterns and taking inventory of emotions so that you can live in liberatory communion with God/the Divine/the Creator and healthily form meaningful relationships with others. If your soul is not healthy, your mental and emotional health and relationships will suffer.

You're probably asking yourself, "what's the difference between soul care and self-care?" Self-care is when you prioritize and practice routines that replenish and restore yourself physically and externally. In contrast, soul care is when one prioritizes their mind and spirit while tapping into resources, routines, and rituals that help one maintain emotional and spiritual wellness internally. Both are mutually beneficial, and one will only be as effective as another. Both are recipes that cook up a healthy, balanced mind and life. (

Unlike the apparent benefits of exercise, the benefits of spirituality are hard to explain, but you know them when you've experienced them — you feel like you've risen above. You feel lighter, and you feel like you've seen the light. The world starts making more sense.

Our Top 8 Soul Care Habits:

  • Prayer and devotion.

  • Meditation in nature.

  • Therapy and/or life coaching.

  • Listening to music or ocean sounds while journaling.

  • Reading articles and watching content on spiritual and emotional wellness.

  • Crying or laughing both release endorphins.

  • Shadow work and "inner child" healing practices.

  • Practicing "The Four Agreements," by Don Miguel Ruiz.

However, like your body, your soul can also be challenged by many bad habits. These habits chip away at your spirituality, making you more miserable day by day, moving you away from spiritual enlightenment.

Soul Damaging Habits

  • Being complicit in someone else's misery. Find out the subtle ways you are complicit in other people's misery and try to avoid engaging in those actions.

  • Lying, stealing, and cheating. Notice the little lies you tell yourself or when you steal time and energy from others. Your soul carries the emotional debris and harm caused to others through your actions.

  • Holding grudges, envy, jealousy, anger, and hate. Dislike, contempt, and hatred damage your soul more than the person, place, or thing you have it for. Let it go: it's about you, not them. Incorporate inner child healing practices within your self-care routine and start to love up on yourself.

  • Love of material possessions, status, and titles. The fewer attachments you have, the lighter your soul will be. Develop practices of non-attachment through guided meditations, affirmations, and yoga.

  • Undermining your soul by aiming low. Respect your limitless soul by setting formidable goals and putting in formidable efforts.

Just like you care for your physical well-being, you must also learn to take care of your spiritual well-being. Let us assist you on your journey as we celebrate our interconnection and honor our shared humanity. You will learn to cultivate spiritual practices that nourish your soul through ritual, healing, joy, nature, and recognizing our Oneness in the Divine. Visit our website to register for a Transformational Soul Care workshop or session at

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