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Money Habits Keeping You Poor

A PROFESSIONAL accountant has shared the top eight mistakes people should avoid making in order to save money. Nischa explained that she has a degree in finance, a qualification in accounting and has had a career in investment banking.

The one key skill she learned from experience, she said, is how to handle her own finances.

And now, in a bid to ensure you can do the same, she’s sharing the takeaways that’s prevented her from becoming “poor”.

The very first mistake people make, she said, was when people pay themselves last.

Citing Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Nischa said: “Robert explained that the way people pay their bills can be broken down into two types. The first way is the Poor People’s Habit and that is through paying yourself last.

“So as soon as your paycheck comes in, you then pay your rent, your phone bill, your subscriptions, you find your social plans and then you’ll save whatever is leftover… If there is even any money left to save.

“The second method he talks about is the Rich People’s Habit and they do the complete opposite. They pay themselves first and that is what you want to do. Take 10 percent minimum and put that into your savings account the minute you get paid. Read More

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The 8 cash errors keeping you broke & why you have to adopt a clever method. (2023, June 17). The Sun.

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