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Manifesting Love in the New Year

We all have heard the term "New Year, New You." While it may seem a bit cliche, manifesting new goals, dreams and aspirations can be quite powerful at the start of a New Year! Think of it as a clean slate. The opportunity to leave the past year behind you and run full throttle into the New Year with fresh ideas, new goals, and new visions. The new year can serve as a reset button. I know.. I know… we start the year off saying that we'll go to the gym and get fit, we'll stop bad habits, or perhaps we'll finally stick to our budget, then three months into the year, we have lost all of our momentum and enthusiasm.

Don't get discouraged! The truth is, even if we don't accomplish everything we set out to do, we may tackle 1 or 2 tasks. While it may seem like a small victory, it is a victory for sure. This brings you that much further away from where you were - and that closer to where you are trying to go.

Manifesting also holds valid for bringing in new love or relationships into your life. End-of-the-year rituals can create space for more love and healthy relationships to come in. Literal cleaning up around the house and eliminating toxic people, places, things, foods, thoughts, and habits from your lifestyle creates more space for you to receive. As Marcia Griffith says, "It's electric!" because it is, it's all energy. We just have to get clear on the kinds of energy we want to attract and have around us. Remember the old wives' tales and hoodoo rituals for bringing in the new year passed down from generations? Our ancestors survived and thrived by manipulating energy, whether they knew it or not. They were doing it with the power of thought and intention. "There are many different definitions of the word manifest, but the simplest would be that a manifestation is 'something that is put into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs. This means that whatever you focus on is what you bring into your reality. You may focus and manifest through meditation, visualization, or just via your conscious or subconscious", says Katherine Hurst, author of How to Manifest Anything You Want in 24hrs. We all can be master manifestors with practice and repetition.

Here are a few rituals that I've adopted to bring in the New Year -

1. Create a "vision board." It doesn't have to be super fancy. Simply add the pictures of people, places, things and affirmations that inspire you! The power of manifestation is REAL. Remember to dream BIG! If we can see it, we can certainly achieve it!

2. Create a "Burn List." This one is my absolute favorite. On New Year's Eve, right before the clock strikes twelve, I light a candle and simply burn away the things that I deem as a hindrance and not conducive to achieving my goals! Sometimes it's just words or phrases on a piece of paper, i.e. (procrastination, low-self esteem, fear.) Or it could be a picture of a person or relationship that you need to let go of. Watching it all go up in smoke is quite liberating. Go ahead… free yourself!

3. Clean your home. This can be as simple or elaborate as you see fit based on your needs. Make everything feel fresh and new inside. It helps create space to bring in the new energy you are seeking.

New Year Affirmations for a Successful Year:

I have found the love of my life in this new year. I start the new year and continue every day, sending and receiving peace and love. A tremendous, productive, and successful time is starting now. I choose to be happy every day of this new year.

Check this site to learn more about manifesting.

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