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LA-based,Singer/Songwriter/Producer Gabriella Raelyn Announces “wish upon a STAR” Out Now!

GABRIELLA RAELYN, formerly known as Gemyni, is a female singer-songwriter and producer born and raised in Denver, Colorado and currently based out of Los Angeles, California. Gabriella is set to release her single “wish upon a STAR,” on May 5, 2023, a song that reflects her self-coined terms, 'Neon Renaissance' and 'Ret-Romantic', inspired by the aesthetics of royalty-core and 80s vaporwave. Through these inspirations, GABRIELLA RAELYN effortlessly blends various genres such as Dream Pop, Synthwave, Darkwave, Alternative R&B, Baroque Pop, and Electro House, drawing influences from The Cure, ABBA, Depeche Mode, Madonna, The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, and MARINA. Her songs have an overarching theme of romanticism, and often feature storylines that explore the agony and passion of star-crossed lovers & forbidden love through the lens of dark femininity.

On the new track, Gabriella reveals: “I wrote and produced a Synthpop track titled "wish upon a STAR" as an introduction to my new style and story. The song was originally written in December of 2019 when I was feeling depressed and frustrated about my music career, and it was inspired by a desire for divine intervention to make my dreams come true. I tabled the song for a while but decided to revisit it when I began reinventing my art and defining my story.”

"wish upon a STAR" is the first single on Gabriella's upcoming album NEPHELE: Act I which is an ongoing, multiple album project that follows the story of a character named Nephele. As the heroine of the story, Nephele feels frustrated and bogged down by life and sings about wishing upon a star to make her dreams come true. The song serves as the opening track to the narrative and sets the stage for the rest of the album. Gabriella produced the song using a combination of 80's synths, Moog and plucked bass, as well as harpsichord to add a dark element to the piece. The song opens with a dramatic introduction that conveys increasing overwhelm, and then drops into an energetic and powerful verse with a punchy drum beat featuring kicks, toms, and snares. The pre-chorus cuts all of the drums and features smooth vocals as a contrast, while the chorus is powerful and imploring with melancholic chords and an inspiring beat.

Stay tuned for more from GABRIELLA RAELYN leading up to her new release!

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