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FIH, Announces Her Upcoming Album La Brea Baby | March 3, 2023.

Photo by Vannessa Horsey

Alt/RnB/Hip-Hop artist Fih, announces her upcoming album La Brea Baby, due out March 3, 2023. One thing people always say is that on stage and in her songs, Fih is such a different person than how she is outside of music. In normal day life, Fih is just a laid back LA native but in her songwriting, where she feels the most comfortable expressing herself, Fih is assertive, unapologetic, honest, vulnerable, and lives in her truth. Hence, the name “Fih;” it’s short for the number five which is a masculine number with feminine traits.

The forthcoming album was executively produced by Grammy award winning, Chailatay and Nate Fox, who also was a producer for Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap” and “Coloring Book.” This project was created entirely by scratch which required Fih and Chailatay to bring in many live musicians. Some consistent names seen throughout the project are Stephan Hicks, Nigel Fergozo, and Brooke Magidson. When it came to the songwriting, Fih had to dig deep into certain feelings and experiences in order to make sure each song had the same vulnerability. After the story was finished being written, she was given assistance from Summer Greer and Tatiana Snead with vocal arrangement on a few songs.

The goal behind this project was the desire to make music that was unique and told its own story both through production and songwriting. This project is a melting pot of different genres centered around R&B.

Music has always been a part of Fih’s life since she was a child but the start of her musical journey as an artist started in 2020. Around this time Fih had been sexually assaulted and suffered from PTSD. This unfortunate experience is actually what inspired her to seriously pursue being an artist. This was the one place that felt safe to talk about her experiences freely. She slowly began to flourish in New York as an artist and even performed at a NYFW show in 2021. After graduating, Fih moved back to LA and continued her journey as an artist in her hometown. Fih has done many shows and festivals including Leimert Park Rising’s, “Pray for the Hood,” for four years straight. She also just recently headlined her own show at A Forest For the Trees. From working with Grammy award winning producers and engineers to working with renowned and local artists, Fih has immersed herself into the LA music scene and is making her mark.

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