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Making Our Bold Moves: Overcome Procrastination With Confidence

"Sometimes The Smallest Step In The Right Direction Ends Up Being The Biggest Step Of Your Life. Tip Toe If You Must, But Take The Step."

The construction of this quote paradoxically screams a very subtle and valuable warning. It's effect slows our thought process into attentive listening and deep reflection. The overall premise is directly targeting procrastination and inactivity, bringing us to guilt and a nodding agreement of it's wisdom.

Yes, we know it immediately upon hearing it. The lazy trend. Although it's almost inconceivable to comprehend associating lazy as being a trend, its characteristics certainly mirrors this fact. The evidence of its impact continues to notoriously shape negative behavior. That's the trend. One that we all should fervently reject and isolate from. Yet, in a less notable way, this behavior of being lazy is a developed habit. One that does not contribute to positive outcomes in progressing our lives toward meaningful accomplishments and ambitious goals.

"... Tip Toe If You Must, But Take The Step", is the challenge we must take if we are determined to breakthrough! We must be equipped to make the move that propels us forward. Make moves that excites our pursuits to seeing results. Make moves that bring a sense of meaningful fulfillment to our internal selves. Moves that establishes confidence. That stirs up healthy habits and aid success.

One step at a time, as we settle into this new season of autumn, let's associate ourselves with this beautiful change. A time of shedding the old and establishing a fresh, new vibe. Changing from the old ways and inviting a new, bold energy like autumn leaves that mark seasonal change. A new, positive, rewarding trend. What a beautiful time of year to join forces with nature. This is the time of the year when we buckle in and rise to the occasion. This is the season for strategic preparation. Our time to establish foundations that build strength and elasticity to withstand the challenges of change, and to survive the brutal battles of winter.

"Tip Toe If You Must," but let's make our bold move to surviving bad trends; surving procrastination, being stuck in the mud of neutrality and always starting over. Shake off the rust, the insecurities, self-consciousness, and align with a new will to fight back. Let's build muscles from the battles and friction of life. Let's stand sturdy in the midst of the storms and allow our strength to speak.

● Share your bold moves you are about to make to usher in your new season of success! 

Writer: Carlene Gray | IG: coach.c.gray | @Ace_saidit | FB: GrAce Carrington

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